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A revolutionary concept - they take only minutes to clean! Introducing a refreshing break from existing, troublesome frozen dessert dispensing equipment. Our "real" ice cream dispensers offer low maintenance and high return. The unbelievably simple cleaning procedure involves removing and washing the dispense nozzle, which disassembles into three parts, and wiping down the inside of the product chamber. Product preparation is a snap - just load and start serving.

Swirl Scoops MachineThe Swirl Scoops™ dispensed ice cream program is so easy to operate and to implement! Just load the uniquely packaged, premium Schwan's ice cream into your Swirl Scoops dispenser and push a button to serve. It's so easy, it can function as a self-serve program.

Redesign for a redefined customer. The Swirl Scoops program is a redesign from the Arctic Express® program. A new look with today's fast-pace customer in mind, the Swirl Scoops program offers an enhanced display with an edgier look. It's functional and friendly. It was designed with the self-serviced customer in mind.

  • Dimensions:
    33" wide, 32" deep, 46" high
    (838mm x 813mm x 1168mm)
  • Recommended Operating Dimensions:
    37" wide, 57" deep, 56" high
    (940mm x 1448mm x 1422mm)
  • Weight:
    340lbs (155kg)

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